Up For a Spot of Jogging?

If you venture to the corporate side of London (Fleet Street, Liverpool Street) you’ll see a trend I had never noticed before I had started working in a school near St. Paul’s Cathedral. Both when I’m on the bus during rush hour and when I’m nipping out for a sandwich at lunch, I find myself surrounded by business men and women alike jogging.

When I mentioned this to my boyfriend he nonchalantly nodded in confirmation.

– You mean, it’s not unusual?

– No, everyone does it.

– But, don’t they get sweaty?

– Most offices have shower rooms.

– Really?!

Having never worked for a company, this was a surprise for me. Apparently a lot of office workers take advantage of their lunch break or choose to get up early and make their way to work in order to fit this healthy habit into their busy lives. I see them every day without fail, rain or shine (mostly rain), wearing their fluorescent gym clothes and sweatbands, which to me shows incredible willpower.

This hobby is so popular, there are actually jogging tours around the city, organised by fellow jogging lovers. Why not start at Tower Bridge and follow the river all the way down to the Houses of Parliament? Or why not start at Horse Guards Parade, run through St. James’s Park to Buckingham Palace and finish off at Kensington Gardens?

It all sounds extremely interesting and like a good day of fun. And don’t worry if you’re not a regular jogger, they even offer the option of making regular stops so you can catch your breath!

In case you’re interested, you can find these and other jogging tours around London here. And no, I’m not being paid to do this, after all, I don’t even have any readers! I just enjoy how London caters to every taste and supports every hobby in its own special way.

I did think about going on one myself, take a few pictures and make this look like a professional blog post. But to be honest, it’s not a professional blog and I’m in terrible shape. And also, I don’t think I would like the idea of running in the cold. Maybe I’ll wait for the one week of summer to come to try it out.

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