A Shout Out To Fellow Bloggers

Let me just say how impressed I am by bloggers who post every day, I really am. And they’re never limited to one media either! They post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, you name it. How do they do it? How do they constantly have something to say or share? How do they have the time? A lot of the bloggers I follow have full-time jobs, families and appear to keep in contact with all their friends and even with followers and all I can ask myself is how?

Maybe I’m a bit lazy (not maybe, I am lazy) and I constantly avoid doing things right up to the last minute (a habit I usually think of as good because it forces me to make fast decisions instead of agonizing over them). Some posts took me a day or two to write so maybe I’m not really cut out for blogging…

I do enjoy it though. Especially with this one because I’ve put no preassure on myself to work on it so I can write whenever, however and about whatever I like. I guess that was the trick all along…

So to all you fellow bloggers, youtubers, vloggers, instagramers and twitterers, I take off my hat to you all. Keep sharing ideas and keeping me company on my work breaks.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has liked or left a comment here, it really makes me happy to know you are out there. Sorry about this poor excuse of a post but just felt like sharing this thought with you.

Until next time,


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