Walking Around London: East Dulwich

Hello everyone! Did you enjoy your long weekend? I certainly did! I mean, parts of it.

To be completely honest, instead of going to the Coffee Festival in The Old Truman Brewery or to the Spanish Food Festival in Shoreditch I decided to spend the weekend doing some spring cleaning.

I guess it’s just another factor of adult life: if you don’t clean, things will most definitely get moldy! Especially if you’re living on the ground floor of a building like I am.

What a pain.

But it wasn’t all work and no play. I still got the time to go walking around in the lovely sunshine around East Dulwich, where I had never been before. It’s quite a posh and expensive part of South London, but it has affordable restaurants and quite a few French cafés and bakeries.

I had a lovely meal at Franco Manca, a restaurant chain which makes delicious and cheap sourdough pizzas. Then, upon finding so many different bakeries, of course I had to try some cake! I went to Luca’s bakery and café and it was delicious. I’ll definitely go back again to try some of their coffee.

Right next to Luca’s there is a gelato place called Oddono’s. I didn’t have any, but the ice cream looked tasty and creamy. Definitely worth a gander next time!

There’s also a fancy Japanese-fusion restaurant called Yama Momo, but it was a bit pricey, and a lot of nice-looking pubs, one of which had a roof area. There were also design shops, furniture shops and a bookshop I wanted to check out, but unfortunately was closed because it was a bank holiday.

You can see I’m not used to walking around London with a blogger’s mindset! No pictures were taken to show how nice of an area it is, and I had to google the name of the bakery!

I’ll definitely go back again soon and I’ll take a lot of pictures to show you! Until then you’ll just have to be satisfied with this colourless post.

Until next time,


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