London’s Museums: The V&A Museum Of Childhood


Today I decided to go and visit the Museum of Childhood for the very first time. The museum is located in Bethnal Green in East London, near Shoreditch, and the reason for my visit was that they had an exhibition on Lewis Carroll’s Alice. My all time favourite books are Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass, and so I was pretty excited about checking the exhibition out.


Once I got there I was quite disappointed. The exhibition was only a small space opposite the museum’s gift shop and starred a view versions of the book, a fashion poster and three dresses. I actually had to ask the information desk, just in case it was just a little taster of the exhibition but no, that was it.

Since I still had some time to spare before my other plans, I walked around the museum to see their collection. It’s actually quite an interesting museum. It has toys from different countries and different centuries, some of which are a tad creepy, the kind you think is going to come to life in the middle of the night and strangle you in your sleep.

There are also more recent toys that will take you back to your own childhood! For me, that included Furbys, a Spot plushy, tiny tea sets and a Sylvanian family set. There were also really beautiful Javanese shadow puppets, as well as a great variety of Japanese dolls and puppets.


All in all, a good museum, free to visit. If it hadn’t been for the disappointment caused by the poor Alice in Wonderland exhibition, I would have enjoyed it a lot more but I’d still say it was worth the visit. Especially because of all the creepy dolls.

IMAG1143 IMAG1165

Right outside of the museum there are also the museum gardens. Quite a lovely little garden, but of course it had started to rain when I left the museum. Still got a few pictures though. I’m trying to compensate for my post about East Dulwich!


So here you are, a creepy doll museum. And don’t always believe TimeOut London when they say a certain exhibition is worth a gander: it sometimes isn’t!!!

Until next time,



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