Quarter Of A Century

Yesterday I turned 25 and of course this calls for a quarter-life crisis.

I recently quit my teaching job because the management kept threatening to fire me whenever I didn’t agree with them (like when I tried to explain to them that no, students in the same class cannot have different books!) and so I am unemployed at the moment. Rent in London is extremely high (don’t worry, I only quit because I knew I could survive until my summer job) and I haven’t been able to save any money this year.

So now that I’m 25, I’m unemployed and have no money.

What the hell happened?

When I was 15 I thought “God! In 10 years I’ll have a job that I absolutely love and I’ll have my own flat!”. It’s so sad when you grow up and realize that you probably won’t have a house until you’re in your late 30s and that all jobs, no matter how much you love doing them, will always have negative elements and you’ll always have a day from time to time when you think “why am I doing this?”.

I don’t want to make this a negative post, though. Just wanted to put this into words. I’m not feeling down about turning 25, I actually had a wonderful weekend and saw a lot of friends I hadn’t seen since university. My boyfriend surprised me and took me to see the Book of Mormon (which was AMAZING). If anything I feel extremely happy and free. I just have to try not to be lazy and waste all this free time that I have now.

I need to get back into studying Japanese and into drawing as well. I’ve sent CVs for September and am waiting for answers. I can use this time to eat better and to exercise. I can do anything I want! So I need to get up and face the world!

Sometimes life gets a bit too much to handle and, now matter how small your problems are compared to other people’s, you have the right to feel upset. But try to make the most out of what life gave you and don’t let it get you down! Listen to some Disney songs, go outside and do something, anything!

Sorry about not writing for a while and about this little post (which is more for me to convince myself to do something with my life than anything else….).

Until next time,



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