Quick Escape: Poland

So, hello again! It’s been a while. Last time we talked winter was still on its way, there were no illuminated baubles hovering over Oxford Street and people were still planning for the apocaliptic shopping spree that is Black Friday.

I don’t know if you’ve grown tired of my apologies, but I still feel the need to do it. I have been extremely busy at work, as I have basically moved into the school’s building – well, might as well have. As I’ve been working for 12 hours a day, I’ve had no free time to dedicate to this blog, or anything else for that matter.

However, not everything is grim. The silver lining so happens to be that, unlike last year, which I’ve been trying to erase from my mind, I’ve actually been able to do some travelling.

As it so happens, I made a few friends whilst working at summer school who live in Poland, and so I arranged to see them over a weekend in October. Lucky for me, one happened to live in the wonderful city of Gdańsk.

Now, if you’re like me and you don’t know much about Poland, Gdańsk is part of what they call a tri-city area. It’s an idyllic city, cut through by the Motlawa river and nestled on the Baltic Sea. Over the years its name has changed, being called Danzig during its German occupation.


After we had our continental breakfast of cheese and toast, we headed straight to the city centre and found Gdańsk to be lively and vibrant, with it’s tall, slim buildings, each painted a different colour and proudly showing its intricate designs. You might feel like you slipped through the pages of a faitytale.



After spending the morning walking around the river in the crisp Autumn sun with songs by the Beatles blaring out of speakers dangerously dangling from the wall of a building, we decided to abandon the tourist trap and catch the train to the neighbouring Gdynia, where we feasted on local savoury pancakes and walked by the Baltic Sea, where we were surprised to see swans and ducks floating on the waves.


The following day we headed to Sopot, which a beach resort town. Its feel is completely different from its neighbouring cities, with its big holiday houses and wonderfully worn wooden pier. The sea gently caresses the shore and trees are scattered on the sand, as if they too have come to dip their toes in the cold water.




After a quick last look at Gdańsk in order to buy some last minute souvenirs, I say goodbye to my friends and board the bus to the modern Gdańsk Airport, where I spend my last few złoty on chocolate bars filled with strawberry and caramel liqueur.

It was a weekend well-spent, with good company and beautiful Autumn colours, as Poland is well-known for its changing leaves season. I sit back on my assigned seat and sneak a last peak at the city that I was quite surprised to enjoy so much.

Until next time,




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