Japan: Getting the Job

So, as mentioned on the previous post (Japan: The Interview), after I went in for the interview, I had to wait for the Head of Recruitment to call me and confirm, once again, that I did not have an obvious foreign accent.

A week passed as I was waiting for my call. In the meantime, my friend Fred had had an interview with a school and had already got an answer in just a few days.

But on Friday morning I got a call. I checked the screen and saw a long foreign number and instantly knew: it’s them! I had just woken up and was still lazily eating my breakfast in front of the TV, so I was not mentally ready for it. I swallowed dry and answered the phone. Continue reading


Japan: The Interview

So, after waiting a week or two after applying for different jobs, I got a phone call one morning from one of the schools. They were calling me just to check if I had a foreign accent. At first I felt a little bit offended but, to be honest, they should check this kind of thing. Continue reading

Japan: Getting An Interview

Hello again everyone! I really hope these posts have been interesting for you, or at least that they’ll be helpful to someone.

After applying to quite a few schools and ALT recruitment companies, I waited. I should tell you that I was applying for jobs at the same time as my teacher friend, who’s a native speaker, so I’ll be comparing my experience to his. Let’s call him Fred. Continue reading

Feliz Dia da Mulher!


Feliz dia internacional da mulher a todas as mulheres por aí! Vamos celebrar este maravilhoso dia e agradecer a todas as mulheres que vieram antes de nós e fizeram com que pudéssemos guiar, votar e aspirar a ser mais do que o que a sociedade dizia que podíamos ser! Poder feminino!

Happy Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day to all you women out there! Let’s all celebrate this wonderful day and thank all those women before us who made it possible for us to drive, vote and aspire to be more than what society told us we could be! Girl power!