Facing My Fears

Tomorrow I’ll be doing something that I’ve been dreading for four years. I’m going to go back to Cambridge in order to see this year’s Degree Show at my old university. Yeah, OK, it’s not like jumping off a plane, it’s almost mundane, but it’s something that I’ve avoided doing for a long time. Continue reading


London In Retrospective

IMAG1229I know, I still haven’t moved out of London. I’m still here, getting the tube every day and reading TimeOut every Tuesday. However, I’d like to talk about my experience living in London these last two years because London isn’t everything that people think it is.

Don’t worry, I still think London has a lot of great qualities and it was a great experience for me, something that I’ve always wanted to do and I feel happy that I’ve done it. But I think that people come to London expecting the perfect place, where getting a job is easy and people are accepting of you, when this isn’t exactly true. Continue reading