Feliz Dia da Mulher!


Feliz dia internacional da mulher a todas as mulheres por aí! Vamos celebrar este maravilhoso dia e agradecer a todas as mulheres que vieram antes de nós e fizeram com que pudéssemos guiar, votar e aspirar a ser mais do que o que a sociedade dizia que podíamos ser! Poder feminino!


Happy Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day to all you women out there! Let’s all celebrate this wonderful day and thank all those women before us who made it possible for us to drive, vote and aspire to be more than what society told us we could be! Girl power!

I’m Sorry, What?

So I decided to write another top ten this time a bit more related to my job. Throughout my years living in England I’ve learned a lot of new words and expressions that British people use as opposed to American people.

As most foreigners I was mostly exposed to US English, be it through movies, TV series or music, and was extremely comfortable with it. But that did not prepare me in the least for what was to come.

So here are ten words that I didn’t quite know about when I moved to the UK.

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