More Drawings!

Hey guys! So, last weekend I did a few more drawings… I’m not going to lie, I did feel pressured after posting a few online. As if a lot of people had seen them and wanted me to draw more! That oh so familiar panikcy feeling starting to bubble in my stomach as I stared at the blank page because I had hinted that I might draw more… Continue reading


Oh Look, Drawings!

You don’t really know me, but basically, I don’t draw very often. I did a degree in Illustration, had a bit of a breakdown, stopped drawing for a few years, am trying to slowly get back into it and find whatever it was that I liked about it.

This weekend I spent a few hours drawing. And it was fun. I still get nervous when I do it, and I especially don’t want to start analysing it, but hey, I’d like to share it with someone. Maybe doing this first with strangers, and then the people close to me, this stress and pressure I feel whenever I draw will finally disappear.  Continue reading