Facing My Fears

Tomorrow I’ll be doing something that I’ve been dreading for four years. I’m going to go back to Cambridge in order to see this year’s Degree Show at my old university. Yeah, OK, it’s not like jumping off a plane, it’s almost mundane, but it’s something that I’ve avoided doing for a long time. Continue reading


26th Birthday

Last time I wrote about my birthday was, of course, a year ago. However, last time I was unemployed and going through a rough time. My 24th year wasn’t the best of years, especially when it came to my job. Not that my job is perfect now, but at least I’m earning a decent amount of money (if I ever get paid).

This year, when I got home after spending the day out with my boyfriend, I felt sad for different reasons. I felt sad the year was over. My 25th year was a great year, and I’d like to tell you why, mainly because I want to remember it and since I’ve the memory of a goldfish, writing it down is the best way to do that. Continue reading

Oh Look, Drawings!

You don’t really know me, but basically, I don’t draw very often. I did a degree in Illustration, had a bit of a breakdown, stopped drawing for a few years, am trying to slowly get back into it and find whatever it was that I liked about it.

This weekend I spent a few hours drawing. And it was fun. I still get nervous when I do it, and I especially don’t want to start analysing it, but hey, I’d like to share it with someone. Maybe doing this first with strangers, and then the people close to me, this stress and pressure I feel whenever I draw will finally disappear.  Continue reading

Japan: Emotional Rollercoaster

WARNING: this is a bit of a rant! Lots of emotional exaggeration and stuff. So if you’d like to read about something more useful, check out my other posts about Japan here. So please, don’t be hating! We’re all friends here!

So, after writing about how applying for a job in Japan was like, I’d like to write about all that I went through personally. The prospect of moving to a completely different country was, as the title of this post states, an emotional rollercoaster, and I think it’ll help other people who want to go to Japan to feel like they’re not the only ones going through this. Continue reading